History of Products

                                © Lmonsir COMPANY Ukraine products

Alligator king in the skin world!

Alligator skin can be absolutely called as the most expensive in the world.
Products from genuine alligator skin  that сurried fully by handwork are used in manufacturing by © Lmonsir COMPANY.

After that  the leather is brought up to “Luxe” level it is used in manufacturing of expensive and high quality products in our company .

© Lmonsir COMPANY also uses exotic skins of python, ostrich and goanna in manufacturing.


© Lmonsir COMPANY products

© Lmonsir COMPANY products

Our products are sold within  strict criterias and rules  established by signed in 1973, in Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, CITES, which regulates the trade of  vanishing species.